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The school company PARIS BEAUTY successfully participated in International Student Company Festival in Riga, Latvia, organized by Junior Achievement and according its programs.

30th March-1st April 2015

When our company was invited to take part in International Student Company Festival in Riga, Latvia, we were very delighted and accepted the participation as an honour for us.

Before the departure we were very embarrassed, but our teachers noticed it and calmed us down, that they would be permanently with us.

By the arrival in Riga- our mood changed into high spirits.


The   second day of our adventure was the important one, because we had to present the school company as good as possible. That was the meaning of the journey.

The decoration of our stand and our work impressed all the visitors, which gave us a big amount of self-confidence. More and more people were coming to us- we were offering cosmetic services to them- for the very short time, given to us, we had a lot of clients

At the end of this day, full of pressure,we heard  praise and encouragement from the jury.

The atmosphere at the gala dinner was more than great. For couple of hours our thinking had changed.

We came back to our motherland-ready to tell of what we learnt and how we amused. We put into practice our knowledge in running own business and developed our skills in speaking foreign language.

This journey was useful and amusing for us. In addition to the things of use, that we learnt, our teachers gave us time to see the sights of the town and to drink a coffee in the centre of Riga

Every student, who might have such an opportunity, must accept it, because this kind of journey is useful, turns from adventure to experience and gives new opportunities for the future.

We are enormous proud of our presentation and thankful to our school and our teachers.

Everything, we went through, was marvelous!

  • Department technological:  Entrepreneurship and business, 11a class
  • Nikol  Kirkova
  • Anita Lazarova









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