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от 06.03.2023 г. 137 СУ "Ангел Кънчев" има изграден изцяло нов информационен сайт, достъпен на адрес:
За актуална информация за дейността на училището, моля, посетете

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Mobility of third-graders in Bucharest under the Erasmus + program - S. A. M. E. “Similarities, Attitudes, Motivation and Emotions - The SAME Project”, 2018-1-UK01-KA229-047929_4

After a month's preparation, a third-graders delegation was on a week-long mobility in Romania, Bucharest, the Pia Bratianu School. The experience they carried across the border will remain forever in their hearts. With a lot of enthusiasm, they talked about what they saw and learned, and are already preparing for the new meeting as hosts.

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Together for а Better Internet!
You are the hero!

5th February
Training among the school staff: teachers from the Erasmus+ and the eTwinning team, shared resources and information on e-Safety issues.

6th February
An event took place at school together with the representatives of the Police, Mrs.Iveta Jordanova and Mrs.Silviya Petrova. Children from the 2nd A class took part in various activities such as:
-    how to protect personal data
-    how to recognize false information
-    cyber bullying
-    netiquette
-    rules for e-Safety
-    kids’ search engines

bezopasen net 2019 1

bezopasen net 2019 2

bezopasen net 2019 3

From October to December, 2018, Rositsa Dimova (Deputy of the school and an Erasmus+ coordinator) and Irena Raykova (a primary teacher and an eTwinning ambassador) attended an online course that was organized by eTwinning CSS in Brussels, Belgium, in order to empower the role of the first eTwinning schools in Europe and to turn them into leading organizations and agents of change on national level. For their achievements during the course, they have been graded with the high grades. As a result of the acquired competences Rositsa Dimova and Irena Raykova were motivated to plan the next steps of the school development and school strategy that will change the status of the organization from “Innovative School” to “Leading Innovative School in Bulgaria”.  The following School Action Plan presents the activities that will be carried out at school during 2019-2020.

eTwinning school Action Plan 2019/2020

eTwin cert IR

eTwin cert RD

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