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eTwinning - 133 SOU

More and more students are covered in the activities of the school. Among the major school projects are those activities in eTwinning
eTwinning was launched in 2005 as a result of a recommendation by the European Commission to encourage e-communication between schools in Europe, and to help teachers to develop their ICT and language skills, using a specially created for this portal -

During the period 2007 - 2013 years of activity is part of the "Comenius" and by the European Commission Programme for education and training "Lifelong Learning". Since the beginning of 2014 eTwinning is part of the new European program for education, training, youth and sport "Erasmus +".

During the current school year in 137 school "Angel Kunchev" students and teachers work on the following eTwinning projects:

A Treasure Chest of Wisdom
Box of Experiments 1.0 -
EUROPE wins: “Proud to be European”

One of the most interesting moments are the  virtual meetings between partners. On 11. 12. 2014 there  was  an "open" online laboratory  held simultaneously between the Croatian School III. Osnovna škola Varaždin, Varaždin /  and   the classroom of the  4 "d" graders where both  conducted the following   experiences: "Cartesian diver", "Hydraulic lift" and "Why does not water leak." The meeting grabbed  the  audience`s attention and captured the interest of everyone in the meeting. The  live experiments and the  explanations of the results from Bulgaria were done by Vasil, George and Simeon - pupils from 4 "D" grade..

eTwinning - 133 SOU

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