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от 06.03.2023 г. 137 СУ "Ангел Кънчев" има изграден изцяло нов информационен сайт, достъпен на адрес:
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Imperceptibly took the five working days at the partner school "Giovanni Pascoli" in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. Students from 4 "G" class with a lot of enthusiasm took part in various activities: * Research and synthesis of results on the topic "Healthy Bulgarian foods"; * Presentation of the results in videos, shared on the project page; * Inclusion in joint game situations related to the learning of games from the last century; * Active participation in culinary workshops for making homemade sweets and various types of pasta; * Learning of folk dances of the partners and especially Italian Tarantella;* Interactive knowledge of the highlights of Italian history and culture; * Active use of English language knowledge and vocabulary enrichment with new words in unexpected speech situations; * Applying the skills for rapid and correct reaction in an extreme situation related to change of flight plan; * Developing skills for teamwork and mastering emotions; * Developing skills for self-expression; * Create new friendships. Alex, Branimir, Maria and Martin, with their participation, became favourites of the participants in this mobility. In many pictures, with many smiles are sealed their experiences.

Svetlana  Draganova – a primary teacher






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