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от 06.03.2023 г. 137 СУ "Ангел Кънчев" има изграден изцяло нов информационен сайт, достъпен на адрес:
За актуална информация за дейността на училището, моля, посетете

Настоящата страница ще бъде активна до 30.3.2024 г.


In OP "Human Resources 2007 - 2013, financed by the European Union and co-financed by European Social Fund, a scheme for grants BG051PO001-4.2-02" Let's make school attractive to young people.

Leading organization - Association Health Forum
Partners - 119 High School Akad.Mihail Arnaudov
137 SOU "Angel Kanchev"

The project aims at creating conditions for developing the potential of each child, to provide opportunities for physical, intellectual and personal development, complete social integration. It also aims at improving  teaching process through the expansion of outside school extracurricular activities.

One of the specific objectives of the project is the creation of a center for extra-curricular and out-of -school activities for schools and students from Sofia municipality

  • Encouraging the development of individuality and self –evaluation - each child to realize their qualities and abilities and develop them according to their desires - interactive learning;
  • Being  aware of the fact that others are also special -  develop  tolerance and forbearance of different;
  • Understanding the native world.

A pilot project of five students from the Technical University - Sofia, headed by Prof. Milena Lazarova launched this year supported by Microsoft.

A system allows the use of a single computer, a projector and a mouse (one for each student) in the classroom. The use of learning materials with ENVISION makes learning more interesting, motivates students, develops skills such as creativity, fast thinking and attention.

Aprobator of the project is Ms. Desislava Milenkova - Class teacher of Class II ‘v’.

“ENVISION” – с подкрепата на Майкрософт – България

An unusual approach for integrating ICT in education:

  • E-lessons;
  • Geographic traveller - learning material in Geography and making presentations about Waters in Africa;
  • To learn more about European capitals - making presentations about different European capitals in English.

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