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от 06.03.2023 г. 137 СУ "Ангел Кънчев" има изграден изцяло нов информационен сайт, достъпен на адрес:
За актуална информация за дейността на училището, моля, посетете

Настоящата страница ще бъде активна до 30.3.2024 г.


In the week of March 4-8, 2019, 137 Secondary school Angel Kanchev hosted the next project meeting. This time, the guests were our partners from - " Similarities, Attitudes, Motivations and Emotions - The SAME Project", 2018-1-UK01-KA229-047929_4. Twenty-one students of the age of 7 to 14, from England, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Turkey, along with their teachers, became part of the whole school life. More than 200 of our pupils from the primary classes took part in the activities in the roles of tour guides, bakers, natural scientists, architects, designers, dancers, archaeologists and astronomers.  Among the colors of the Bulgarian spring, new friendships were created and joint creative solutions were realized. Our guests were more than impressed by the Bulgarian nature, hospitality and the organization of the events. We are once again a wished partner, because during the workshops of the teachers there was talk about future bilateral and multilateral exchanges of students. And our students have been motivated to be even more active in project initiatives and to pay more attention to foreign language learning. You can track some of the posts on our English partner's blog which reported our events in articles every morning: project 2019

From 25th February – 1st March, 2019, teachers and students from the 137th Secondary School “Angel Kanchev” welcomed their guests from the Erasmus+ project “Learning beyond the classroom walls”. It was a week full of positive emotions, warmth, smiles and friendship. During the various workshops that took place at school, our students presented their skills to dance, sing, draw and code. They were teachers’ assistants and performers of the Bulgarian traditions. Each workshop was also supported by parents. At the end of the week, our partners from Italy, Romania, Spain (Tenerife) and Belgium were wearing handmade martenitsas.

proektni sesii erasmus2019

the same project logoIn the beginning of 2018/2019 137th Secondary school  ”Angel Kunchev” started its work on a new project from the Erasmus + program, which is related to the exchange of good educational practices.

The most important participants in the project are students from the “primary stage. They will have the opportunity to participate in various initiatives to develop their skills and know their emotions not only here in Bulgaria, but also in England, Italy, Romania, Portugal.

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