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 Проект 4Cs 137 СОУ


4Cs project - civic education, civil rights, civil society, civic participation has been won under the Lifelong Learning Comenius program.

Beneficiaries of the project are:

The first meeting of partners was held between 4 to 11 November 2012 in Las Palmas.

The project site was available after the meeting – the banner - QR code will take you to it - a technological innovation for regional projects of this type.


The first work meeting on the project “Four Cs” was held in Las Palmas from 4th to 11th November, 2012 . Bulgarian group was presented by : Mr. Mihov, senior expert at Sofia Municipality, Mrs. Mariana Zakova , principal of 137th high school "A.Kanchev" and two representatives from the school. The official presentation of the teams of the partner organizations of the two countries took place in the Golden Hall of the municipality of Las Palmas, where the participants were welcomed by the Educational counselor Mr. Christian Santana. Partner countries shared their satisfaction with the beginning of the project, agreed on common ideas and visions for the future civic education of young people and exchanged souvenirs - symbols of the statehood in both countries.

Other workshops were held in the partner school "La Minilla” 'and the Teachers' Centre, where the partners reported the project activities carried out so far and discussed the development of the project site. The cultural program included visits to the museum of Christopher Columbus and the historic villages Terror and San Mateo.


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