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Project Learning Beyond the Classroom Walls

№ 2016-1-UK01-KA219-024434-5

'Learning beyond the classroom walls' is a project that will develop innovative ways in which teachers can deliver a more exciting curriculum for pupils incorporating outdoor learning to enhance enthusiasm and attainment in the basic skills of maths, science and literacy. 'This is an essential component for a successful, professional and social life.' (European commission, thematic working group, 2010-2013) So many pupils of primary age are underachieving, up to 20% of young Europeans are not reaching a minimum level of skills in mathematics and science.
In Ofsted, raising standards, improving lives report, (UK) it was found that when planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards and improving pupils' personal, social and emotional development.  It is thought that learning outside the classroom can make learning more vivid and interesting for pupils and enhance their understanding. This project will address the under-achievement  in key areas of our curriculum and through training, help us to develop ways to motivate children's learning and motivation. Linking the outdoor experiences as stimulii for maths, literacy and science work will improve the quality of the pupils work.  
There will be 8 partners involved in this project. England, Belgium, Spain (Tenerife), Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Denmark. The partner schools are made up of different types (public, private, big and small) from various economical and social backgrounds. This will have a greater impact on the project in relation to experiences, training and outcomes because of precious experience, needs in their schools and expertise to offer through planned training events and shared ideas for dissemination. A wider range of innovative learning ideas will be experienced by using these partners. Some partner schools include a pre-school, important for the early development of key skills. This will be incorporated into training activities planned.
The activities will include short term training programs, transnational meetings for coordinators to maintain organisation of the project and activities putting training into practice and high quality materials. This will include data to measure impact such as questionnaires, numbers of participants of training events, training materials for others, DVD's of evidence of materials, blog linked to schools websites.
We hope that
Methodology to be used to carry out the project will include how the outdoors can have potential on out children's learning. We will use our rich urban and rural environments and we will endeavor to use these to maximize and enhance our children's learning experiences. The rich cultural differences in learning styles and experiences that this project can offer to staff and pupils where possible, we hope will embed progressive and sustainable learning opportunities in our curriculum's through learning about each others initiatives and innovative projects. Well planned activities of this kind, when well planned, can help develop the skills of enquiry, critical thinking, and reflection required for our children to meet the social, economical and environmental changes of life in a rapidly changing Europe
When we have shared ideas and initiatives and training specific to our institutions and European countries we hope this will cause a motivation in our attitudes to teaching, impacting on the pupils learning and therefore causing a 'buzz' that can only be experinced in the teaching profession in an energizing project such as this. The results will be vast for all involved within the project due to experience of European projects and an understanding of the importance of dissemination tasks to reach a wide audience to have a long lasting effect and really make us change our views on what we can teach, learn and experience 'beyond the classroom walls'.

For more Information on the project can be found on:

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