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During 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 school years school project will be realized in connection with improving  the qualification of the teaching staff. The expectations of the school regarding the quality of the educational services are generally expressed in the title of the "Educational Innovations and the Contemporary Bulgarian School”.It synchronizes the needs EU and national educational standards with the needs of the school team.

As a result of analysis of the realities and the need to improve the quality of work at the school we formulated as a basic objective of the project the continued maintenance a high level of key competencies of the managerial and teaching staff of the school through educational programs that promote a development of the skills of the teachers for creativity,sharing and cooperation in the educational process with the students.The sub-goals of our project are:

By implementing educational innovation and expansion of relations,the exchange of educational products and joint activities of students and teachers with partners from other European countries to achieve a higher level of communication and the use of languages.By improving the digital competence of teachers and the implementation of new educational technologies in order to achieve an increasing creativity of our students and their readiness for the job market in the future.By increasing the competence of the school staff is expected to improve the quality and style of work of the school.

Number and profile of participants:2 Primary teachers,having a creative approach to the educational innovations and the sharing process;2 teachers and a psychologist from those currently working with children with SEN;2 language teachers and 2 teachers of mathematics and science who have motivated the greatest number of students to participate in competitions and Olympiads in the last three years;1 teacher who have been already qualified in the teaching of programs of Junior Achievement in Bulgarian schools and who have used those programs for the past 3 years;2 teachers teaching sport and/or arts who organized students in lessons outside the classroom during the last three years;1 teacher in information technology,proficient in English who participated in the implementation of new information resources in training over the last three years;2 teachers teaching other subjects in a foreign language who are actively involved in the previous school projects; coordinator; the Principal and the deputy principals.

During the realization of the project the following methods will be used:analysis of the needs and the results,definition of the goals,discussion on the procedures,selection of activities dissemination of the results and evaluation.

The anticipated results and the impact of the project will be recognized in the improved capacity of the school over the next three years and will consist of:Improving the atmosphere in the classroom;Saturation of the classroom activities with electronic based lessons and the used of the IT applications;the entrepreneurship will be taught through solving of case studies.

Upon realization of the project will be used the following methods:needs analysis and results,goal setting and discussion of procedures,choice of activities,training,and dissemination of the performance evaluation.

Anticipated results and our impact will be recognized in the improved capacity of 137 school over the next three years and will consist of:Improving the atmosphere in the classroom;saturation with electronic lessons and use of applicable IT;entrepreneurship will be managed with cases;The acquisition of new skills by the students for Internet and ICT security;strengthening the team work model for teachers;Introduction new methods for improving the team work model of management and leadership skills for success;achievement of better educational outcomes at the school;improving of the attractiveness of the school.

In the long term,our students change will be expressed in improvement of the achievement and the motivation for active participation in the classroom for more than half of our students,formation of real ability in them to apply their knowledge.

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