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logo classSince November 2015 137th Secondary School “Angel Kanchev” has been conducting and working on the project „CL@SS“ for development of soft skills of the older students from secondary school together with an international consortium of organizations: National management school - Bulgaria, Economic College -Romania, Youth Centre - Slovenia, Branch organization of professional schools - Turkey, Training and consulting organization - Czech Republic.

Duration of the project :  01.11.2015 – 30.10.2017

The main goals of the project are:
• Stable development of soft skills of secondary school students;
• Increasing the students’interest in school subjects and their motivation for studying.

Which social competences will we develop?
• К1 – Effective communication;
• К2 - Cooperation;
• К3 - Entrepreneurship;
• К4 – Problem solving;
• К5 – Lifelong learning;
• К6 – Collection and management of information.

Main target groups:
• Secondary school teachers;
• Secondary school students.
Expected results:
• A new model of teaching which will stimulate the students’activity and creativity and which will make school classes more attractive;
• Developed social competences which will increase the students’ competitiveness, will harmonize  the relationship of young people;
• Increased satisfaction and confidence of teachers in the teaching process.

The expected impact:
For students:
• more attractive classes;
• more understandable content;
• better performance;
• greater motivation to learn;
• smooth transition to the labour market or further education;
For teachers:
• better qualification;
• better motivation and confidence in facing rising learning needs of their students;
For the secondary school in general:
• more efficient learning process;
• optimization of extracurricular training costs;
•more effective communication and cooperation between the parties in the educational process.

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